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Hello, Dolly!

Welcome and thanks for visiting.  Below you will find links to two galleries featuring photos taken during the final dress rehearsal on August 5, 2014.  During that rehearsal, over 900 photos were taken and subsequently whittled down to 121 good pictures.  Just a word of warning from me:  I am not a professional photographer (by any stretch) and musical theater is an exceptionally difficult genre to photograph.  This is in no small part due to constant motion, stage lighting, and limited positioning available in the house to move around.  My goal was to capture as many individuals as possible throughout.  I decided to include 2 galleries from which you can choose to order prints.  The first gallery contains the "good" shots. These are primarily clear and crisp and they have been retouched in post production to correct shadows, poor lighting, and then cropped to allow for "standard" print sizes (8x10, 5x7 etc.).  The second gallery contains the raw captures and they will not be retained on this web site past September 30, 2014.  I would encourage you to look through both sets.  Many in the second set were beyond post production help and thus there are many that are blurred and dark.  They are also lower quality than the first set which means large prints (if ordered) will appear grainy.  All are of good enough quality to allow posting on web sites or social media.  If you are a photographer with decent software, feel free to download the files (all .jpgs) and play with them yourself.  If you are inclined, I can make the RAW (cannon format) files available to you.  Contact me via email for those. 

There are 2 ways that prints can be obtained from this web site.  The easiest way is to select the pictures you want as you browse, add them to your shopping cart and have them shipped to you.  Purchasing works the same way as many e-commerce web sites like Amazon or Best Buy.  Pricing is what it is and is not marked up or controlled by me.  You choose the options, the final cropping, and paper types etc.  mPix Labs takes care of the rest.  Photos are shipped in the most cost effective packaging for the size you order.  Please note that I do not have access to your orders, your order information, or your payment information and I can not provide order tracking or facilitate communication between you and mPix.  Read your email confirmations, you are ultimately responsible for your own orders and any issues associated with them.

The second way to obtain prints is by downloading the digital file to your own computer and then having them printed via your own means by a place like Meijer or Walgreens.  Having done this myself because I didn't want to wait for prints to ship to me, if you choose this option, keep in mind that these stores offer inferior paper and ink and their prices, while slightly cheeper, reflect inferior printing methods for digital photography.  If you need them now, go for it.  If you can stand to wait for a week, you'll be much happier with the product you get from mPix.  Note that the option to download the digital file is available via the "share" option in the drop down menu.  

A note about digital files: 

I happily volunteered my time and effort to shoot this production.  I'm thrilled that my sister (Sarah Peterson) helped make this shoot happen for me. I don't often get opportunities to hone my skills like this.  That being said, I invested over 4 hours setting up and shooting these pictures and then close to 30 hours editing them.  I am also hosting them on my own web site at no cost and offering them to the public with no additional mark ups. I respectfully ask that these photos, whether printed or posted elsewhere digitally not be used for commercial purposes and that the attribution in the EXIF data of the photo be retained and left intact. These photos are protected by the Creative Commons licensing scheme for non-commercial use and I am able to track where the digital files end up on the web.  Please be respectful of my effort and attribute these pictures appropriately.

Print ordering will be available until September 30.  After that date, the ordering function will be turned off and the second gallery removed from my web site.  The "Good" gallery will remain here indefinitely.  All photos may be shared on popular social media web sites now and after September 30 by selecting the buttons on the web site under the photo.  If you need to order prints after September 30, please contact me via email.  Thanks again for the opportunity to photograph your production!

-David Clark ([email protected])

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Gallery One - The Good Shots!

Hello Dolly - Gaylord Community Theater, August 2014

Gallery Two - Raw and Unedited

Hello Dolly - Gaylord Community Theater, August 2014